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  • Motorcycle Theft Reward Recovery Assistance.
    Picture this – You’re two days into a month-long road trip with your bike and your bros. You wash the previous day’s road dust off your face, put on a fresh set of clothes and head out the door to find an empty parking spot where you’re 100 percent sure you left your bike last night. What do you do? Simple: Call the police, and call MotorEagles. With a simple call to our offices, we’ll put our staff on the case, assist you in making a motor vehicle theft report with local authorities, help set you up with a rental car or bike and help get your adventure back on track. If you are unsuccessful in locating your stolen machine, we’ll help you file an insurance claim and even help you locate a comparable model – new or used – to replace what you’ve lost.
  • Hit-and-Run Reward Program.
    Accidents happen and sometimes people get hurt – badly – but it’s the way in which a driver conducts himself in the minutes following a crash that speak volumes about his character. There isn’t much that’s more rotten than someone who splits the scene after causing a traffic accident – especially if there’s injury involved. If you witness a motorcycle-involved crash, or are the victim of one yourself, and the other driver flees the scene before authorities arrive, MotorEagles wants to reward you for providing information about the hit-and-run driver. Simply call our toll-free, 24/7/365 hotline to report such an accident and, dependent upon the severity of the crash, whether someone was injured and the amount of correct information you are able to provide and whether there is a successful prosecution against the criminal who fled the scene, we will reward you up to $2,000 for the information you provide. 

Each of these valuable benefits could easily save the day on its own. But with the MotorEagles Guardian Card, they’re all in one convenient place. Whether you carry a wallet, a purse or a money clip, all the perks of choosing MotorEagles to coordinate your motorcycle-related needs are at your fingertips when you carry the MotorEagles Guardian Card.

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