Types of Motorcycle Personal Protective Equipment

Whether you’re riding around the corner or across the country on your motorcycle, you still need to make sure that you wear protective gear. You make think it looks cool to ride without it, but it’s not cool when you get road rash or even a concussion from not wearing abrasion-resistant pants or a helmet. Looking cool is not worth putting your life at risk. That’s why it’s important to suit up before you even think about hopping on your hog.

Here are some common types of motorcycle personal protective gear that can keep you safe while you ride:


Helmets protect your head in a number of ways. The outer shell of a helmet resists penetration and abrasion. The impact-absorbing liner inside of the shell absorbs impact and more of the shock by slowly collapsing under impact. And the soft foam and-cloth liner next to your head helps keep you comfortable and gives the helmet a snug fit. The chinstrap helps keep the helmet on your head in the event of a crash. Both shell and liner spread the forces of impact throughout the helmet material. So if a helmet has been damaged in a crash, it cannot be reused and should be replaced.

Face Shields

Face shields protect your face from bugs, rocks and wind and anything else that could pose a threat. They are available in a variety of designs and are meant to fit most helmets. When using a face shield, be sure it is securely fastened to your helmet. Also make sure it’s impact-resistant and free from scratches. Scratches can refract light and blur vision.


Motorcycle glove can protect hands from blisters, wind, sun and cold. They also will help prevent cuts, bruises and abrasions in the event of a crash. You want to make sure your gloves fit properly so you won’t have problems operating the controls of your motorcycle. If your gloves are too tight, they can cut off your circulation and your hands will be cold. Make sure you pick the right fit and the right thickness depending on the season.


When you ride, wear tough, over the ankle boots. They will protect you against burns from hot exhaust pipes and impact from flying road debris. Look for boots with oil-resistant, rubber-based composite soles. They will help you grip the pavement better and help you keep your feet on the pegs. In case of a crash, boots also provide valuable protection against foot and ankle injuries.

Motorcycle personal protective gear comes in a variety of styles and colors, so you don’t have to worry about looking nerdy, unless you’re into that sort of thing! You can look good and stay safe while you’re cruising around your neighborhood, or taking a long road trip.

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