Motorcycle Safety: Are Leathers Worth the Price?

For motorcycle riders, the decision to wear leather is not just based on fashion. Yes, it is a stylish option, but there is an array of other determining factors. From comfort to motorcycle safety, leather has many surprising benefits. Below is a list of reasons why you should consider investing in quality protective leather riding gear.

Motorcycle Safety Benefits of Leather

You should view leather clothing the same way you view a helmet: It is an important element of motorcycle safety. Leather jackets, gloves and chaps provide an extra layer of protection from injuries that can result form a fall.

In survivability tests, which tested a material’s durability at speeds of 50 mph, leather proved to be far superior. During the survivability tests, this is how a few of the materials stacked up:

  • Denim: Ordinary denim material only lasted an average of four feet before wearing through.
  • Kevlar: The results were slightly better for Kevlar, which survived an average total of fifteen feet.
  • Riding leather: Leather outshone all other options by lasting 80 feet.

Other Benefits of Leather

Of course, while motorcycle safety is a main concern, there are a variety of other reasons to choose leather. The list of benefits associated with wearing leather includes:

  • Protection from elements: Leather is a warm and waterproof material that will protect you from the elements. In addition to wearing an extra layer or two of insulation, leather will help keep you comfortable during those cold autumn or winter months.
  • Durability: When riding a motorcycle, you need a material that can stand up to an array of weather conditions. Leather has proven to be durable in both over exposure to sunlight and wet rainy conditions.
  • Comfort: Simply stated, leather is more comfortable than many other materials. Leather riding materials are breathable and more readily conform to the body. In addition, leather is less likely to flap or become a distraction in the wind.

In the end, it really boils down to motorcycle safety. It is important to remember that leather can help protect you in the event of a motorcycle accident. Regardless of comfort, you should make an attempt to wear your leather jacket and chaps every time you head out onto the road.

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