Tips for Increasing Visibility When You Ride

In 2008, it was estimated that there were 114,000 motorcycle-involved crashes in this country. That same year there were 5,290 fatalities and 96,000 injuries*. One can easily guess that in some of these accidents, visibility was a factor. Many drivers don’t often look out for out for motorcycles. And sometimes, motorcycles are obscured by larger vehicles so they become even harder to spot. If you are a biker, you always have to look out for not only yourself, but other drivers who might not be aware of you.

You can decrease the chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident by making yourself more visible when you ride. Here are some tips for increasing visibility on your motorcycle:

Avoid the No-Zones

When riding near trucks, always avoid the No-Zones. A truck’s No-Zones are on the sides, the front and in the back. When you ride in these areas, it becomes harder for a truck driver to see you. Riding in front of a truck is very dangerous because if you need to make a quick stop, a truck won’t be able to stop as quickly as you do. So leave plenty of space between yourself and all trucks on the road.

Wear Bright Colors

When you’re out riding during the day, it helps to wear a bright colored jacket or bright colored clothing in general. This makes it a little easier for other drivers to see you. For night rides, opt for a white or reflective jacket. If you don’t have reflective gear, mark your helmet, saddlebags or any other areas with reflective tape.

Use a Headlight Modulator

Headlight modulators are electronic components that make lights pulse or flicker in intensity. They can be annoying to most drivers, but they are also a good way to increase visibility. Modulators are legal in all 50 states but just make sure you are in compliance with State and Federal law.

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