Hydroplaning Issues

Too many people believe that the shape and size of the tires on their motorcycle will prevent them from hydroplaning. This is a dangerous misconception. This truth is that just like any other vehicle, hydroplaning on a motorcycle is a very real possibility. In fact, due to the vulnerability of the rider, hydroplaning on a motorcycle can have some disastrous results.

What Causes a Motorcycle to Hydroplane?

When a bike encounters a wet surface, the shape and tread of the tires are designed to channel water away. This ensures that the tires maintain contact with the surface of the road. However, when a bike is traveling at increased speed, this channeling process becomes less effective. The bike then becomes more susceptible to losing traction, and the chances of hydroplaning increases.

Preventing Hydroplaning

Motorcycle safety is all about educating yourself. To decrease your chances of hydroplaning and lessen the possibility of a motorcycle accident, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Proper PSI: In terms of hydroplaning, tire pressure is a critical component. When tires are properly inflated, they are less likely to loose contact with the road at higher speeds.
  • Speed: Hydroplaning is more likely to occur at higher speeds. For example, you are more likely to hydroplane when traveling a 60 mph as opposed to 40 mph. When riding on wet road conditions, keep your motorcycle at a moderately comfortable speed.
  • Braking and Turning: Your goal is to maintain as much tire contact with the road at all times. When the road is wet, avoid making sudden movements when braking or turning. Instead, every move you make should be slow and deliberate.
  • Standing Water: The more water on the roadway, the greater the chances of hydroplaning. Avoid areas of high standing water. If the area is too large to avoid, slow down as you travel through.
  • Losing Control: If you do find yourself hydroplaning, do not panic and hit the brakes or steer wildly. This will only cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. Instead, simply take your foot off the accelerator and continue to drive in a straight-line.

In the end, the best advice is to use caution. By keeping the above motorcycle safety tips in mind, you can increase both the overall safety and satisfaction of your ride.

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