Is a 60,000 Mile Motorcycle Tire Possible?

If you have ever incurred the expense of replacing one or both of your motorcycle tires, you probably have asked the question, “Why do motorcycles tires wear out so quickly?” Simply put, when compared to car tires, motorcycle tires will only last a fraction of the time. The news becomes even more disheartening when you take expense into account. A set of quality 60,000 mile car tires can run about a half the cost of a single 20,000 mile touring motorcycle tire.

Motorcycle Tires Mean Motorcycle Safety

A tire’s traction, tread and stopping power are a major component of motorcycle safety. When compared to a car, a motorcycle will always stop more quickly and with more control and traction. Contrary to popular belief, this has more to do with the tread of the tire, then the weight of the vehicle.

To increase motorcycle safety, the tire has to provide superior traction over a car. This is achieved because of the material used to manufacture the tire. As opposed to the hard rubber materials that make up a car tire, the compounds in a motorcycle tire are soft. This allows the tire to grip the road more readily, ultimately resulting in better traction and control. This increased traction, however, comes at an expense. Softer materials wear more quickly, and the tires have to be replaced at a faster rate.

Getting the Most of Your Tires

The following tips can help to both increase your motorcycle safety as well as get more life out of your tires.

  • New Tires: New tires on a motorcycle drive differently. You actually have to break them in. Within the first 100 miles, tires will be more slick and have less traction.
  • Air pressure: Even the best motorcycle tires lose air pressure at an increased rate. To ensure your motorcycle safety, check the air pressure before every ride.
  • Tread: Most failures occur within the last 10 percent of the tire’s tread life. Be vigilant of your tire’s tread life and replace them as soon as the tread is low.

In relative terms, a car’s tires are virtually maintenance free when compared to a motorcycle’s tires. By following a detailed inspection plan, you can avoid tire failure and a motorcycle accident.

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