We at MotorEagles work hard to maintain your privacy and security online. Please read this privacy policy to learn how we handle your personal information when you use MotorEagles’s Website. Our hope is to foster an Internet experience that provides the information, reference materials, resources, services and contacts that are most relevant to you and your needs. In order to realize these goals, MotorEagles will from time to time collect personal information from our Internet products’ users. Therefore, this privacy policy is designed to spell out, in plain English, what you can expect from MotorEagles in terms of information collection, distribution and retention. It is intended to educate you more about the personal information we collect, with whom we may share it and how we safeguard its security.

Information we collect

MotorEagles collects your information in two ways: Directly from you (via the forms you fill out online, any printed materials you send/return to our offices, telephone conversations and e-mail queries) and through data our information technology department collects from Web server logs and other electronic storage apparatus. Generally, the information we collect from you is composed of your name, address, telephone number, occupation, e-mail address, how you learned about MotorEagles and what motivated you to solicit our services.

MotorEagles records and retains information which is transmitted to our Web servers each time you: e-mail MotorEagles, visit any of our Websites or subscribe/unsubscribe to one of our electronic information products. This information includes your computer’s Internet protocol (IP) address, the time of day and you visited our site, the type of Web browser you used to do it and the duration of your page visits. MotorEagles uses this information to gauge how well we are meeting our visitors’ information and reference needs and how we may better adapt to and serve them in the future.

Third-party site content

MotorEagles provides several different types of information resources on its Websites, many of which are Websites, blogs and other media maintained by third parties. We encourage you to examine these third parties’ privacy policies to determine whether you feel comfortable providing your personal information to them.

Use/disclosure of your information to third parties and affiliates

MotorEagles will not wittingly disclose any singularly identifiable information about you to a third party without your expressed consent. MotorEagles may access such information when asked to do so within the limits of the law or while harboring the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to perpetuate lawful activity.

Some MotorEagles products and services may be co-branded with other organizations and/or companies. If you register or use said products or services, both MotorEagles and the other organization/company may receive your personal information as it pertains to your use of co-branded products or services.

Information security assurance

MotorEagles is committed to protecting your personal information to the extent that it is used on our servers and in addressing your legal needs. However, no information transmitted over the Internet is 100 percent secure all of the time. Unscrupulous individuals with the technology and know-how go to great lengths to rob individuals of their personal information. With that in mind, you alone are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal identifying information and any passwords or other security measures which may be in place.

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