What to Do When Your Motorcycle Won’t Start (But the Battery is Good)

motorcycle won't start

Chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of a motorcycle that won’t start. It’s not always easy to figure out what the issue is, let alone fix it.

Fortunately, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) published steps for what to do when your motorcycle won’t start, but the battery is still good.

First, verify that the battery is functional.

After that, there are simple solutions you can use to check out your bike and get it ready for the road.

  • Make sure there is gas in the tank.
  • Engage the clutch.
  • Look for loose wires.
  • Confirm the kill switch is off.
  • Make sure the fuel valve is set to on.
  • Check if the fuel injection system is working.
  • Determine if a fuel control valve is blocked.
  • Look for blown fuses.
  • See if there is damage to the vacuum line.
  • Put the side stand up.
  • Clear the muffler.
  • Set the choke correctly.

As NADA says, “Getting a stubborn motorcycle to start is as simple as checking a few items off your pre-trip list. Other times, you’ll need to seek professional help for a complete overhaul before you can get back on the road. Either way, these steps give you a starting point to figure out what is wrong and get the right repairs completed.”

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