Three Tips for Proper Motorcycle Battery Maintenance

Assuming riders take good care of them, motorcycle batteries should last 3-5 years. A bike’s battery provides the juice that runs the starter motor, lights and ignition system, all of which are critical to motorcycle enjoyment. Dead batteries are problematic, especially if they need to be replaced every year. It’s important to perform battery maintenance every 3,000 miles.

Three points of proper battery care

An article on looks at the three main points of proper battery care:

  1. Keep the individual cells in your battery filled to the indicated electrolyte levels with distilled water.

    • Your battery may be under your seat, or easily accessed from the side of your bike. Your owner’s manual will pinpoint the location.
    • Proper battery maintenance means ensuring the electrical juice is at the right level, as indicated by the maximum and minimum “fill” lines for each cell. These levels are etched into the side of your battery. All you need to do is top-off that electrolyte by adding distilled water.
    • Wear protective glove and safety glasses.
  2. Remove the battery in winter.

    • Store it in a location above 32 degrees.
    • Place your battery to rest on a wooden, plastic or thick cardboard surface.
  3. Charge the battery while in storage.

    • When a battery is not in use on a running motorcycle – which is how it gets charged – it is discharging.
    • Connect it up to a motorcycle battery charger to maintain optimum condition and to help get the full life out of your battery.

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