The Next Evolution in Braking Technology

According to Revzilla’s Andy Greaser, brake by wire is coming to motorcycles.

What is brake by wire?

Brake by wire means that braking is activated electronically, not hydro-mechanically via the fluid displaced by a lever and pedal. Hand or foot motion still activates the brakes, except braking inputs become signals sent to the brake control computer. These signals deliver the right amount of braking at the right wheel(s) at the right time.

The entire process should happen faster than normal braking. In fact, more power and control is incorporated. The computer also uses wheel-speed sensors to determine if additional braking measures are needed, like ABS for a panic stop. It’s made for integration with existing rider safety systems and features.

It’s unclear how many riders will want brake by wire. Greaser wonders if “…a tech-obsessed European manufacturer offer it first? Or maybe a Japanese powerhouse with deep pockets and huge economies of scale?” Only time will tell.

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