The 5 Best Motorcycle Cameras

Riders love sharing tales from the road and the stories are even better when there’s video evidence to back them up!

Motorcyclists have lots of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a camera that captures the action. Evans Brasfield of put together a list of the five best motorcycle cameras to chronicle your two-wheeled exploits.

GoPro Hero7 Silver – The Hero7 features voice control, intuitive touch screens, waterproof capabilities and 4k video.

Its MSRP is $199.

GoPro Hero8 Black – The Hero8 boasts three levels of stabilization, a streamlined design, livestreaming functionality, expandable mods and time-lapse video abilities.

It retails for around $300

INNOVV K2 Dual Channel Motorcycle Motocam – The INNOV K2 sports a simple out-of-the-way design that mounts unobtrusively to your bike. Videos can be accessed via an app on a smart device.

The product retails for $338.

insta360 ONE R Sports Video Adaptive Action Camera – The insta360 ONE R is an action camera that provides major versatility. It allows for both 360° and traditional wide-angle action video.

The camera costs $499.

Sena 10C EVO – The Sena 10C EVO possesses an aerodynamic design, one-touch recording, voice prompts and an integrated communication system.

It is priced around $400.

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