Best Summer Motorcycle Gear for Riding in Warm Weather

As we make our way into the summer months, you’ll probably be taking advantage of the beautiful weather to hit the road as often as possible. However, heat and humidity can take some of the enjoyment out of your rides if you’re not properly equipped with summer motorcycle gear. Many brands have developed breathable gear that will still protect you in the event of a crash, meaning you don’t need to sacrifice your safety to stay cool.

Read on for advice on choosing the best summer motorcycle gear.Summer Motorcycle Gear


While your helmet is arguably the most important part of your gear, it can also be the most uncomfortable in the summer heat. This is especially true if you follow the safety recommendations by opting for a full-faced helmet. Finding a model with adequate venting can dramatically improve your summer riding experiences. Racing-style helmets are worth consideration, as they tend to offer larger vents and excellent air flow. Motorcycle Superstore highlights some great options in this guide to vented gear. Increased air flow will naturally result in more noise, so pick up a pair of good ear plugs to help protect your hearing.


You may hate the idea of straying from your favorite leather gear, but one particularly hot or humid day could change your mind pretty quickly. It may be tempting to ride without a jacket, but the benefit of the added protection in the event of a crash is undeniable. Trade your go-to leather jacket for a vented mesh version, or mesh/leather hybrid if you’re not ready to completely give up your leather. This Revzilla guide offers a number of good mesh options at a variety of price points.


Riding with sweaty palms is not only uncomfortable, it can be extremely unsafe. Losing your grip for even a second can throw your bike off balance or in the way of another vehicle, causing a collision or worse. Look for lightweight gloves that are well-ventilated and reinforced to protect your hands in high-impact areas. Try out one of these seven pairs recently featured by Motorcycle Cruiser.

With so many options out there, you shouldn’t have a problem finding breathable gear in your style and price range. What summer motorcycle gear do you recommend for riding in warm weather?

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