Strategies for Safe Riding

The American Motorcyclist Association wants to remind riders about safety checks before hitting the road. They cited a T-CLOCS inspection list of items that should be checked before every ride. T-CLOCS is an acronym that stands for Tires and wheels, Controls, Lights and electrics, Oil and other fluids, Chassis, and Stands.

  • Tires: Check that tires are in good shape and are inflated properly. Inspect your wheels for loose, bent, or broken spokes or dents or cracks in cast rims.
  • Controls: Make sure your handlebars are straight and adjusted properly and your levers and pedals work correctly.
  • Lights and Electrics: Check the function of the following: headlight, tail and brake lights, switches, wiring, and turn signals
  • Oil and Fluids: Change oil regularly and check for leaks.
  • Chassis: Look over your forks, rear shocks, and steering head.
  • Stands: Ensure your side and/or center stand are in good condition.

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