All-new Ryker three-wheeler added to Can-Am On-Road vehicle lineup

Canadian vehicle manufacturer BRP recently announced an all-new addition to its 2019 Can-Am On-Road vehicle lineup. The Ryker joins Can-Am’s Spyder model families as a three-wheeler designed to appeal to younger, “hipper” riders, offering a “riding experience like no other” for those who may not be ready to make the leap to a traditional motorcycle.

2019 Can-Am Ryker

According to Josée Perreault, Senior Vice President of Can-Am On-Road, the company’s research revealed many people would consider trying out a three-wheeler if more affordable models came to market.

The Ryker’s starting price point is under $8,500, making it significantly more accessible than the Spyder. Riders can choose from a two-cylinder Rotax 600 ACE or three-cylinder Rotax 900 ACE engine, and the “twist-and-go” automatic transmission is ideal for less experienced riders. The handlebars and foot pegs can be easily adjusted without additional tools or parts.

A big selling point for the Ryker is its extremely modular build – which can reportedly be customized in more than 75,000 ways.

The accompanying line of accessories includes both cosmetic and functional “snap-on, snap-off” pieces that can be easily swapped out regardless of the rider’s mechanical skills. From colors and themed design decals to increased storage, each rider can change up their Ryker to fit their needs and preferences.

The Ryker will also be available in a “Rally Edition,” boasting increased performance, off-road survivability, and a Rally mode for gravel and other unpaved roads.

For those considering adding a Ryker to their garage, Can-Am will give shoppers the opportunity to customize their ride in an immersive and up-close way by leveraging an augmented reality app.

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