4 things you should consider before renting a motorcycle

renting a motorcycleWhether you’re planning an escape from the winter weather or jetting across the world on an international adventure, there’s no better way to explore a new place than on two wheels.

Renting a motorcycle on your next trip can be well worth the money and trouble, but there are many things you need to consider before booking your bike.

4 questions to answer before renting a motorcycle

1. What should you rent?

You’re probably imagining yourself spending the trip cruising around on your dream bike, but it’s important to be practical when choosing a motorcycle to rent. Think about your experience level and abilities, where and how you’ll be riding and whether you’ll have a passenger. Be honest with yourself, and don’t get more bike than you can safely handle.

2. Are you covered?

Before making your reservation, check with your motorcycle insurance provider to see if rentals are covered under your current policy. Be sure to clarify coverage amounts, deductibles and restrictions. If the bike you’re hoping to rent is pricier than the one you ride at home you may need to purchase supplemental insurance to protect yourself.

3. Are there hidden costs?

Renting a motorcycle can be expensive, and hidden fees or unexpected costs can put an even bigger hole in your pocket. Make sure you understand the fine print of your rental agreement and the company’s cancellation policy. Fuel costs, gear rentals, storage or special parking accommodations and security measures can all add up as well.

4. Do you know the laws?

Familiarize yourself with the destination’s motorcycle regulations, traffic laws and driving standards – especially if you’ll be travelling to another country. Keep all necessary documentation – including your license, proof of insurance, passport and visas – with you in a secure but easily accessible place on any rides during your trip.

Ready to start your motorcycle rental research? Check out EagleRider, MotoQuest or one of the many other motorcycle rental companies.

Have you ever rented a motorcycle to explore a new place? Share your experiences and advice in the comments.

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