MotorEagles® is Celebrating ‘Get Out and Ride’ Month

get out and rideApril is “Get Out and Ride” Month. Join MotorEagles® in celebrating the motorcycle lifestyle and getting ready for a safe, enjoyable riding season.

In many parts of the country, motorcyclists have spent the winter months with their bikes in storage, eager for the warmth of spring to signal the start of a new riding season. The American Motorcyclist Association wants to help you take to the streets. For the second year in a row, the organization has named April as “AMA Get Out and Ride” Month. The AMA uses the month to encourage motorcyclists everywhere to enjoy the thrill of riding.

“There’s no better way to rekindle America’s ongoing love affair with motorcycling than AMA Get Out and Ride! Month,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “While some motorcyclists enjoy riding in temperate weather year-round, many riders have to wait out the winter, and April is the perfect time to kick off another great riding season.”

Each week during April, the AMA will focus on a special motorcycling theme:

  • March 31-April 6: “Get Out and Ride Your Way” week. Motorcycling is about individualism, and this week taps into that spirit. Enjoy solo riding on your favorite trails and highways.
  • April 7-13: “Get Out and Ride Together” week. Riding with others can be fun, too, so hook up with a local riding club or get your buddies together and enjoy riding. During the week, the AMA will feature upcoming rallies and local events.
  • April 14-20: “Get Out and Ride for a Cause” week. Use your love of riding to help others less fortunate, while championing the motorcycle lifestyle.
  • April 21-27: “Get Out and Ride Smart” week. Events this week promote rider training and awareness skills necessary to ensure a safe ride every time. At MotorEagles®, we provide riders with the motorcycle safety resources they need to enjoy an injury-free riding season.

In addition, new events this year include:

  • A weekly trivia page hosted on the AMA Facebook page. Participants will be able to submit answers to a motorcycle-related trivia question, and one winning entrant will be drawn from the correct submissions each week.
  • “Freedom Friday.” Each week, a special call-to-action will be posted on the Facebook page to alert motorcyclists about important issues posing a threat to motorcycling freedoms.

Whether you are riding your favorite trails or taking part in a special event, there are many ways you can join motorcyclists across the nation and make the most of your opportunity to ride in April. As more motorcyclists take to the roads, it’s important to remember that safety is essential, every time you ride. That commitment may save your life. But if something does happen and you find yourself in need of assistance this season, contact a motorcycle accident attorney.

For more information on “Get Out and Ride Month,” visit the AMA.

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