Motorcycles Gear Up to Save the Planet (Part 1)


As the world reacts to an ever-increasing demand to help heal environmental problems and increase awareness of potential solutions, simple devices that we already use can easily help reduce our carbon footprint. For instance, consider the basic automobile versus the motorcycle.

Nearly all automobiles weigh on average close to two tons, if not more. By contrast, most motorcycles weigh between 300 and 800 pounds. When considering which vehicle to purchase, keep in mind the amount of materials used to build a motorcycle is far less than that required to construct an automobile. Fewer materials help decrease transportation costs and require less factory time, which both help to reduce mining costs and oil refinement.

Engine size is also something very important to note. While motorcycle engines are typically higher in torque production and horsepower, they are also very small and utilize less fuel. You can generally expect the average heavy motorcycle to get 30 to 40 miles per gallon, with newer lighter models getting as much as 70 to 80 miles per gallon. By contrast, the average mid-sized car averages 25 miles per gallon, with newer eco-class vehicles getting around 40 to 50 miles per gallon.

All things considered, motorcycles and the environment are a nice match. Less carbon emission combined with less fuel consumption is a key feature when looking to purchase a motorcycle. Other perks include less impact on infrastructure. Motorcycles don’t wear down the roads and bridges nearly as much as heavy vehicles do, resulting in less tar production to fix potholes and less manpower and fuel used to transport workers to and from job sites.

While electric scooters are growing in popularity, motorcycles that don’t rely on gas are more difficult to find. Consumer demand may change that, however, since some “green” motorcycles get gas mileage numbers high in the triple digits.

Would you buy an electric motorcycle? Please share your opinion in the comments section below.

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