Motorcycle Theft on the Decline

NICB Motorcycle Thefts

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that motorcycle theft appears to be at an all-time low over the past four years. The data shows that in 2019, 40,380 motorcycles were stolen, as compared to the 46,467 bikes which were poached in 2016. Another positive trend is that nearly 50 percent of bikes stolen last year were recovered.

The rides most popular with thieves are Hondas, with a total of 8,122 bikes stolen in 2019. Yamaha comes in second place with 6,495 bikes nabbed, while Harley-Davidson sits in third with 4,737 bikes lost to theft. Suzuki and Kawasaki round out the top five.

RideApart’s Enrico Punsalang suggests that thieves target these brands because they’re either left unsecured, or it would be easier to part these bikes out as opposed to flipping the bikes themselves.

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