Motorcycle Technologies Coming in 2021

So long, 2020.

While the year was challenging for many, the pandemic didn’t stop bike makers and gear manufacturers from moving forward with new advances in the world of motorcycles.

2021 should be an exciting year – RideApart’s Sabrina Giacmini explored six new technologies coming in the very near future.

1. Adaptive cruise control

Ducati and BMW will introduce bikes with this feature.

2. Smart helmets

Cranium launched a crowdfunding campaign for the iC-R smart helmet with the specific target to make riding safer. The helmet includes blind spot monitoring, auto-tinting visor, HUD, emergency service alert system and even a washable respiratory filter to keep the air you breathe free of particles.

3. Skyhook suspension from Kawasaki

The term “skyhook” refers to a type of electronic suspension that acts as though the bike’s rear end is suspended by a hook which increases its stability on irregular surfaces.

4. Bosch split-screen display

The new app-enabled split-screen system will allow riders to visualize information as speedometer, odometer and riding modes.

5. Ride Vision 360-degree AI system

Ride Vision’s system uses two cameras—one at the front and one at the back—that detect objects and vehicles located around the motorcycle.

6. Airbag riding pants

The concept features a cable-triggered airbag system that uses a compressed air cartridge to inflate the four airbags located on the side of the thighs and calves and integrated into the over-pants.

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