Motorcycle helmet laws debate

helmet lawsLearn what safety officials and motorcycle riders are saying about mandatory helmet laws and let the MotorEagles know where you stand.

The decision to wear a motorcycle helmet may be one of the most debated issues in the motorcycle world. The debate focuses on whether wearing a motorcycle helmet should be a matter of choice.

Safety officials and lawmakers argue that helmet use should be required for all riders because they save lives. Meanwhile, opponents think the decision to wear a helmet should be a personal one.

We have heard both sides of the argument, and we know firsthand that helmets save lives. Now, we’re sharing information with you so you can let us know where you stand:


  • Helmets save lives and reduce the risk of injuries to the head and brain during a motorcycle collision
  • 20 states have comprehensive motorcycle helmet laws for all riders
  • Seven states have laws requiring riders under the age of 20 to wear a helmet, while 19 states require helmets for those under 18. Some states, such as Ohio, also have laws requiring novice riders to wear a helmet for the first year after obtaining their motorcycle endorsement.
  • In states without helmet laws, taxpayers are burdened with expenses related to motorcycle injuries. For example, when an uninsured or under-insured motorcyclist is injured in a motorcycle crash, motorcyclists use public funds to pay for emergency care


  • ABATE, a well-known motorcycle organization, says education is the most important factor in motorcycle safety, not legislation
  • Federal law requiring riders to wear helmets violates the rights of each individual state
  • Motorcycle helmet usage should only be required for minors
  • Helmets do not protect against injury but rather they impair vision and hearing. They are also too hot and heavy for riders

Here at MotorEagles, we’re not just motorcycle lawyers by profession – we’re also ride. So, it’s safe to say that throughout our years of riding and fighting for the rights of injured victims, we’ve learned a thing or two about motorcycle safety. The bottom line is motorcycle helmets significantly reduce the impact to the head in a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycling represents a lifestyle of freedom, and for many riders, that means being able to make the decision whether to wear a helmet. When you’re faced with that choice, the safety team at MotorEagles hope you’ll make the same, responsible decision we make – to wear a motorcycle helmet each and every time we ride.

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