Top 5 Motorcycle Do-It-Yourself Projects

Whether you’re looking to save money or kill some time, do-it-yourself projects are a great way to put your creativity to work. We searched the internet for the most useful and unique items you could make for your motorcycle and compiled a list of our favorites. Check out our top 5 motorcycle DIY projects, and share your own in the comments!

Top 5 Motorcycle DIY Projects

1. Motorcycle Table

If you handle your own motorcycle maintenance and repairs, crawling around on the floor or working at awkward angles can take a toll on your back and knees. BikeBandit offers simple instructions for using materials found at your local hardware store to create a customizable motorcycle table.

Motorcycle DIY - Motorcycle Table

Photo courtesy of BikeBandit

2. Helmet Chin Curtain

Chin curtains help block the wind, reduce noise and prevent dust and debris from blowing into your helmet. Buying one in a store or online will only run you about $15, but why purchase one when you could make it for free? Grab an old t-shirt and follow this tutorial for a DIY helmet chin curtain.

Motorcycle DIY - Chin Curtain

Photo courtesy of imgur user pigfloyd

3. Gear Valet

Your motorcycle gear will unavoidably suffer the typical wear and tear of riding, but you can extend its life by properly drying and storing it when you’re not on road. This DIY gear valet holds your helmet, backpack, pants, jacket, shoes and gloves. View the full design, submitted by Peter Pinette, on PVC Plans.

Motorcycle DIY - Gear Valet

Photo courtesy of Peter Pinette

4. Shell Garage

Don’t have space in your garage or car port for your motorcycle? Instructables user DenverGee created this shell garage using PVC pipe and a tarp. Make your own to protect your bike from the elements.

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Photo courtesy of Instructables user DenverGee

5. Ammunition Case Saddlebags

Waterproof saddlebags can be a lifesaver on long commutes and road trips, but a quality set often comes with a hefty price tag. Instructables user keltic88 wasn’t ready to fork over the cash, so he got creative and made his own. Pick up a pair of ammunition cases at your local Army Surplus store or from silver singles dating site reviews and amor latino dating.

Motorcycle DIY - 5.	Ammunition Case Saddlebags

Photo courtesy of Instructables user keltic88


Have an awesome motorcycle DIY project to share? Leave a link in the comments!

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