How to be a Good Passenger on a Motorcycle

Being a good passenger

Riding on the back of a motorcycle can be an exciting experience. But as a passenger, there are a few responsibilities to be aware of. We’ve compiled a list of tips for becoming a great passenger!


7 Tips on Being a Good Passenger on a Motorcycle

  1. Come prepared
  • Wearing long pants, boots, and weather-appropriate clothes can make a motorcycle ride more enjoyable. Appropriate clothing will ensure you’re protected against the hot pipes while riding.
  • Always wear a helmet. If the worst-case scenario were to happen, the helmet could provide the necessary protection.
  • Long-haired passengers should tie their hair back. The wind can whip hair in the driver’s face on the motorcycle, creating unsafe driving conditions.
  1. Be a steady passenger
  • When riding, make sure that you sit close to the driver and hold on. If you don’t sit close enough, resistance will be felt by the driver.
  • Brace your body when stopping because smacking heads with the driver is possible if you aren’t prepared. This could cause injury to both you and the driver.
  • Avoid making unexpected movements or shifts. If a move is made that the driver doesn’t expect, it could shift the motorcycle drastically.
  1. Communicate efficiently
  • Having a conversation on a motorcycle can be challenging unless stopped. Simple signals between you and the driver must be created to communicate while riding. This includes signals for slow down, speed up, stop, turns, etc.
  • Always alert the driver if you need a break. As a passenger, it is vital to be comfortable and safe on the ride.
  1. Help the driver
  • As the passenger, being aware of surroundings and helping the driver with directions is your primary job. This allows the driver to focus strictly on the road ahead.
  1. Follow Instructions
  • It is essential to listen to the driver when it is okay to mount and dismount the motorcycle. Before the driver confirms it is alright, they get the bike steady for you to come on or off. Motorcycles are extremely heavy, and without the proper leverage, they could tip over and hurt both you and the driver.
  1. Think before riding
  • Before getting on the back of the motorcycle, it is critical to evaluate whether you feel comfortable. If there is hesitation, the best thing to do is skip riding.
  • Never ride if there are no foot pegs available on the bike. Without them, there is more of a chance of accidentally brushing the tire or ground, which could cause a severe accident.
  1. Don’t drink and ride
  • Looking at the other tips to be mindful of, drinking could impair the sense of responsibility. If you are impaired and get on the back of a motorcycle, it creates a potentially dangerous situation for everyone.

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