Halloween Motorcycle Costumes

Heading out to a costume party this Halloween? Don’t let your baby feel left out – the two-wheeled one, that is. Here are a few Halloween costumes we think would be fun for motorcyclists.

Geico Money Man – Inspired by the popular TV commercials, this costume can be found all over the internet, but we especially liked this fellow’s beach-ready version, replete with cooler. (NOTE: Please, don’t drink and ride!) http://www.costume-works.com/money_man.html


captain america
Captain America – Whether he’s riding a Harley Street 750 or the Breakout®, we love the retro look of America’s hero in The Winter Soldier.
“Captain America – since his first introduction in 1941 – has always been associated with riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle,” – Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson Marketing Communication Director. Looking for a really authentic costume? A British company called White Sheep Leather is selling both the jacket  ($169) and matching pants ($154).


great-power-rangers-cosplay-4Power Rangers – Looking for a group theme? Grab your Thunder Bikes and some spandex. We think these homemade costumes and custom painted motorcycle helmets are fantastic!


Elvis Motorcycle

Elvis – There’ll be a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on as you channel your inner King this Halloween. We like this dude’s Elvis/Evil Knievel vibe. (Image thanks to flickr user maubrowncow.) 

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Wile E. Coyote (carnivorous vulgaris)
You don’t have to be a “Supergenius” to put this costume together! (Dog optional.)
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Storm Trooper – May the Force be with you this Halloween. Check out these functional motorcycle suits by flirtatious women. (NOTE: Helmets for promotional use only.)

“Available in both Shadow Trooper black or the classic Stormtrooper imperial white, each suit comes complete with built-in CE-approved body armor to fully protect the motorcycle rider. If you want to ride in true STAR WARS™ style, have no doubts…this IS the suit you’re looking for!”

No matter what costume you choose, make sure it doesn’t affect your ability to operate your bike safely. Avoid long, flowing fabric and anything that may impair your vision or hearing. Oh, and a word about headgear, if you’re planning on hitting the road in your Halloween getup, make sure your helmet is DOT approved. While most novelty type helmets will have a disclaimer that the helmet is not intended for street use, many have no labeling at all.

Share your favorite motorcycle costume ideas in the comments section below, or post your pics on social media via Facebook and Twitter. #MotorEaglesHalloween

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