Governor DeWine Pushes for Distracted Driving Bill

In July, 154 people were killed on Ohio highways. It was Ohio’s deadliest month for driving since 2007. As a result, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine urged the Ohio General Assembly to pass a bill that would increase criminal penalties for distracted driving.

Data from the Ohio State Highway Patrol shows there were 122 people killed in August this year, also noting motorcyclist’s deaths were up over 52 percent from the year prior.

“Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 94 percent of serious crashes in the country are due to driver error,” stated DeWine. “So obviously the vast majority of these are preventable.”

The governor also pushed lawmakers to move forward with the “Hands-Free Ohio” bill that was introduced back in February to crack down on distracted driving. The bill would make using a device like a cell phone while driving a primary offense in Ohio. Currently, it is a secondary offense.

DeWine plans on signing an executive order to create the Ohio Traffic Safety Council to monitor all statewide driving initiatives.

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