First month most dangerous for new motorcycle riders

New motorcycle riders are more likely to have an accident, according to a new study. The safety experts at MotorEagles encourage new riders to do all they can to be safe.

With motorcycle riding season getting under way in Ohio, a new batch of first-time riders will be getting their licenses and hitting the roads. Unfortunately, for them and everyone else on the road, the first year of motorcycle riding is the most dangerous, safety studies have found.

A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute found that new riders are four times more likely to have an accident in their first 30 days of riding than in their entire second year. The study found that 22 percent of nearly 57,000 accident claims from 2003 to 2007 took place in the first month after a new insurance policy took effect. The claim rate dropped one-third in the second month and nearly two-thirds after six months.

Riding motorcycles is like any other skill. It takes a lot of practice to get good at it. And motorcycle riding is a lot more complex than some may think. For example, Matthew Moore, vice president of the Highway Loss Data Institute, points to what may seem like a fairly simple task – pulling out on a hill. Moore contends that this actually requires a half-dozen actions: balancing on one foot, braking to keep the bike from rolling back, shifting gear, feathering the throttle, watching for traffic and releasing the clutch.

So you would think that more training before you get on the road would decrease the risk of accidents for new riders. Not necessarily so. Another institute study of state-required training programs for riders younger than 21 in California, Florida, Idaho and Oregon found that graduates actually filed 10 percent more claims than new riders in the 28 states without those requirements.

But does that mean new riders shouldn’t take safety classes? Of course not. No matter where you live, you will be able to find a basic motorcycle rider safety course. If you’ve never ridden before or are new to riding, you should sign up for a class now before motorcycle season kicks into high gear in a few months. The class will help you learn the basics and get more comfortable with the mechanics and functionality of your bike. A little time spent learning basic safety now could help save your life down the road.

But no matter how experienced you are, accidents can still happen. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a local injury lawyer or the motorcycle attorneys at Elk & Elk.

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