Fact or fiction: Motorcycle riders make better drivers.

Here at MotorEagles, we were talking the other day about if riding makes you a better driver. There is no consensus among riders, or any scientific studies to definitively answer the question. But a quick search on the Internet and an informal survey of some motorcycle riders here show a majority of riders think that the answer is “Yes.”

We searched through a variety of online motorcycle forums and found the issue to be a popular one among riders. The benefits most riders point out are:

  • Being more aware of your surroundings, including other drivers and obstacles in the road.
  • Making you a more defensive driver.
  • Learning to avoid other drivers’ blindspots.
  • Giving other motorcyclists more space when you drive another vehicle.

At MotorEagles, we believe that if you take motorcycle safety seriously and try to be the safest rider possible, those habits you learn and develop while riding can’t help but transfer over to other forms of transportation.

“When you ride a motorcycle, you are constantly checking your mirrors and the other vehicles around you at all times, with the idea in mind that if a driver is coming up on you from the rear too fast or if drivers are otherwise distracted, you can take immediate evasive actions to avoid an accident,” said MotorEagles Safety Ambassador Arthur Elk. “These defensive driving habits become second nature and instinctual and carry over as driving habits when you are behind the wheel of your automobile.”

What do you think? Do you find yourself being more aware when you drive your car? Do you give other drivers more space and drive more defensively? Let us know. You can leave comments below and also please take our monthly poll.

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