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mar_article3Last month in our poll, we asked you if you think all new riders should take a motorcycle safety course. An overwhelming 94 percent of respondents agreed that it is important for new riders to complete a course.

Now is a great time to register for a motorcycle safety course, as many schools have recently started the enrollment process.

The motorcycle safety experts at MotorEagles encourage every rider to complete a motorcycle safety course. Whether you are a new or experienced rider, completing a motorcycle safety program has many benefits. Of course it can make you a better rider, but did you know it also can save you money?

Although every insurance provider has its own specific policies, most offer some sort of discount for riders who successfully complete a safety course. Be sure to check with your provider to find out what discount they offer.

In Ohio, there are four different types of classes offered by Motorcycle Ohio designed for every experience level:

–          Basic Rider Course

–          Basic Rider Course For Returning Riders

–          Basic Rider Course 2

–          Advanced Rider

To apply for the first two types of course, you must have a valid Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card. To apply for the other two types, you must have a valid motorcycle endorsement.

The basic courses will help teach you:

  • Safe riding techniques
  • Street strategies
  • Motorcycle safety gear
  • Braking
  • Turning
  •  Shifting
  • Increasing visibility
  •  Clutch and throttle control

Advanced courses will teach you

  • Threshold braking
  • Decreasing radius curves
  • Corner adjustment
  • Navigating around curves
  • Safe following distance
  • Defensive riding
  • Safe swerving

In Ohio and many other states, riders who complete the BRC or the BRC for Returning Riders can receive their motorcycle endorsement without having to take the skills test at the BMV.

Motorcycle Ohio accepts walk-ins for any class that has open seats. However, classes in some areas are already full. If you want to attend a class that is full, you can show up at the scheduled time and if someone who registered doesn’t show up, you may be able to fill the spot. If there are more walk-ins than seats available, names will be drawn to fill the spots. If your name isn’t drawn, you can try to walk-in to another class.

To register for a motorcycle safety course offered by Motorcycle Ohio, visit motorcycle.ohio.gov.

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