Lawmakers approve earplugs for Ohio motorcyclists

A bill that would allow motorcyclists to wear earplugs while driving has cleared the state legislature. It’s awaiting approval from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

While allowing for hearing protection, the bill would prohibit drivers from playing music or other sounds through the earplugs.

To this point, motorcyclists have not been allowed to wear earplugs. According to Senator Rob McColley, the justification was that drivers needed to hear important sounds like emergency sirens and horns.

McColley said science doesn’t support the reasoning.

“The decibels at which a motorcycle operates and the wind blowing past your ears primarily operate, those often times can cause some severe hearing damage to people,” McColley stated.

The legislation – OH HB129 – is supported by American Bikers Aimed Toward Education of Ohio, a motorcycle advocacy group. No individuals or groups voiced opposition to the bill during committee hearings.

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