When motorcycles and cars communicate: Ducati debuts new tech at CES 2019

A world where all motorcycles, vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights and infrastructure communicate seamlessly may seem like a futuristic utopia, but it may be closer to reality than you’d think.

Last year Ducati announced it was working with Audi and Qualcomm to develop a vehicle-to-“everything” communication system as part of its “2025 Safety Road Map” project, which aims to integrate new safety features into its motorcycles. The C-V2X communication technology was debuted in January at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

C-V2X offers real-time direct communications for road safety while working across vehicles from multiple manufacturers and with infrastructure including traffic signals. Ducati demonstrated the technology at work as a Multistrada 1260 interacted with a fleet of Audi and Ford vehicles.

6 ways C-V2X tech could make the roads safer

1. Left Turn Assist improves safety at busy intersections by alerting motorists to oncoming vehicles when they are preparing to make a left turn.

2. Emergency Electronic Brake Light prevents rear-end crashes by alerting motorists when unseen vehicles are coming to a stop ahead, giving the oncoming driver more notice and time to react.

3. Cyclist Crossing Alert notifies motorists when “vulnerable road users,” such as cyclists, are preparing to cross the street.

4. Traffic Signal Timing displays a countdown of traffic signal phases to motorists for better awareness and decision-making.

5. Intersection Movement Assist helps motorists navigate hectic intersections and warns them about unsafe traffic movement that they may not otherwise be able to see.

6. Look-around video sharing provides advanced awareness of traffic by displaying a live feed from cameras mounted at an intersection and giving motorists the ability to look around corners.

Which feature of this new technology would you be most excited to have on your motorcycle? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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