Best motorcycle rain gear to keep you riding dry

rain gearGetting stuck in a rainstorm without the proper motorcycle gear can be an unpleasant experience. Our motorcycle safety team have tips to help you find the best motorcycle rain gear.

Spring is around the corner, and you know what that means – so is the rainy weather. Finding the best rain gear isn’t always easy with all the motorcycle gear available these days, but with a few tips, you can find the motorcycle gear to keep you riding safe and dry:

  1. Rain suit: One-piece rain suits are made of breathable, waterproof material. This means you’ll be able to stay dry from both perspiration and sweat. You can also choose to buy a two-piece rain suit, where the pants and a jacket come separately. While a two-piece suit is easier to put on, a one-piece rain suit may be better at preventing water from getting in.
  2. Rain jackets: Waterproof rain jackets are easy to put on and can keep you dry if a sudden downpour arrives. It’s a wise idea to purchase a reflective rain jacket to make your more visible to other motorists.
  3. Rain gloves: Waterproof gloves will protect your hands and fingers from the rain and wind chill. Rain gloves can also guard against stones and other debris during a rain storm.
  4. Rain boots: Look for motorcycle rain boots that cover your ankles. These can protect your feet by preventing water from splashing up and seeping into your shoes.
  5. Helmet: A full or open face helmet can protect you during a motorcycle crash, but it can also protect against the wind, rain and cold. If you ride with an open face helmet, make sure you have a helmet visor to keep rain off your face.
  6. Color: The motorcycle rain gear you choose should be made of brightly colored, reflective material. It’s more difficult for other motorists to see you in the rain, so wearing bright, reflective gear will help make you more visible.
  7. Pockets: Make sure your gear has at least one inner pocket to hold your belongings, such as a wallet or cell phone. Avoid outer pockets which may not protect your items from getting wet.
  8. Comfort: Being comfortable while riding your motorcycle is one of the most important aspects of riding in the rain. There’s nothing worse than being wet and cold on a long ride. So, while it’s important to wear extra layers and waterproof material, you also want to make sure your gear is comfortable. Wear breathable, fitted gear, and avoid bulky, loose fitting gear that can flap around in the wind.

The MotorEagles reminds you to always use your best judgment when riding in the rain. Drive slowly and if the conditions get too slick, pull over until the rain subsides.

Of course, even if you do your part to stay safe, you cannot always guarantee that other motorists will see you in the rain. If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle collision, contact a motorcycle attorney.

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