6 Roads to Ride this Fall

6 Roads to Ride this Fall

Are you bored of riding on the same roads? Do you want something that displays beautiful scenery, challenges, and excitement? We’ve compiled a list of 6 notable routes to try out during this fall riding season.


  1. The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

Length: 26 miles

Running along State Route 374, the byway is known as one of the most scenic roads in Ohio. With the hills, corners, and twists, an experienced rider will enjoy this easy ride that cuts directly through Hocking Hills State Park. Surrounded by trees, the changing of the leaves could be the perfect scenery for a fall ride.

  1. The Ohio Cousin of the “Tail of the Dragon”

Length: 12 miles

Beginning in Hannibal and ending on Route 78, this short road can be difficult for beginners. With tight turns, steep hills, no guardrails, many twists, and blind spots, experienced riders take this road with caution. While a difficult 12 miles, being enclosed by trees most of the time would make for a great fall atmosphere.

  1. Ohio’s Dragon Tail

Length: 20 miles

Exploring this road that runs along Route 78, there are many simple hills and twists. When riding this road, motorcyclists will run through rural country areas going from Glouster to McConnelsville. An easier road to navigate than the Ohio Cousin of the “Tail of the Dragon.”

  1. Route 534

Length: 70 miles

This ride goes from Garfield, through Amish country, covered bridges, and up northeast to Geneva-on-the-Lake. This road offers many locations to stop and enjoy the communities. Beginners should avoid taking on this route too soon because twists and turns are more prominent over straight roads.

  1. State Route 13

Length: 166.1 miles

State Route 13 stretches between the cities of Huron and Athens. Covering a large area of Ohio, this is one of the longest roads a motorcyclist can experience within the state. While it runs through the state, the route has few towns immediately surrounding it, meaning resources are not readily available. The occasional store is used for multiple circumstances, creating a one-stop shop for travelers along the road.

  1. Ohio Route 26

Length: 67 miles

Starting up in Marietta, this road follows the Little Muskingum River up to Wayne National Forest. Much of the scenery includes streets enclosed with trees, covered bridges, hills, cliffs, and rural farmland. With many twists and curves, this ride is enjoyable for many motorcyclists.



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