4 Signs That Your Motorcycle Needs New Spark Plugs

spark plug

They may be small, but spark plugs play an important role in your motorcycle. Spark plugs are an integral part of your bike’s ignition system, as they produce enough spark to burn the air-fuel mixture in the combustion system.

Signs of a bad spark plug

Motorcycle Habit’s Kyle Cannon lists the signs of bad motorcycle spark plugs:

  1. Your motorcycle misfires
    • Misfiring is when your motorcycle is running on a steady rhythm and you can obviously tell it goes off rhythm for a few seconds then catches itself back up.
  2. Your motorcycle backfires
    • Backfiring is when you hear random loud pops coming out of the exhaust.
  3. Your motorcycle’s engine floods
    • A flooded engine happens when you try to start your motorcycle and it cranks over and over without ever starting. This often results in a strong smell of gas.
  4. Spark plugs in poor physical condition
    •  Clues include burn marks, broken tips, rust and corrosion.

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