4 Hazards of Riding a Motorcycle in Winter

Hazards of Winter Riding

After a great riding season, the last thing a motorcyclist wants to do is call it quits for the year. If you are someone who enjoys riding all year long, check out our list of winter hazards to watch for and avoid potential accidents.

Winter Hazards to Watch Out For:

1. Road Hazards

Black ice, sand, salt, and potholes are just a few possible road hazards that could lead to a motorcycle accident. Remain aware of the road conditions and surroundings to allow for a safe motorcycle ride.

2. Motorcycle Issues

If not taken care of properly, a motorcycle could be ruined by road salt, cold temperatures, and using the wrong tires. It is important to take extra time on maintenance of the bike.

3. Possible Hypothermia

A rider must be prepared for cold conditions, or they could develop illnesses like hypothermia. Learn more about essential gear for winter riding.

4. Vision Impairments

When riding on snow-covered streets, vehicles tend to kick up a lot of snow. This could cause vision impairments while riding a motorcycle. Maintain a large following distance and protective eyewear to avoid getting in an accident.

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