3 tips for planning a fall motorcycle road trip


Summer has come to an end, but it’s not time to put your bike away just yet. Whether you enjoy seeing the changing leaves up north or escaping to warmer destinations, planning a motorcycle road trip can help you make the most of the last few months of riding season.

It might be tempting to hop on your bike and see where the road takes you, but long-distance rides require a little extra planning. Follow the tips below for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

3 tips for planning a motorcycle road trip

  1. Pack for all conditions. Fall weather can be ideal for riding, but it can also be unpredictable. Keep an eye on the forecast leading up to your trip and be prepared for every type of weather you might run into – heat, rain, cold, or even snow. Take a test run on your packed bike before hitting the road to make sure you can still ride safely and comfortably with the extra gear.
  2. Know your limits. Be honest with yourself about your riding skills and how long you’ll be able to ride each day. Many motorcycles aren’t built for long-distance riding, and it can be tough even on those that are. Avoid any routes that could push you past your abilities and don’t be afraid to break your trip down into more manageable stretches.
  1. Make lots of pit stops. There are probably a handful of restaurants or sightseeing spots you know you want to hit along your route, but it’s important to also factor in bathroom breaks and stops to stretch your legs. Maximize your time in each place and be flexible if you find yourself needing to stop more than planned.

Do you have any motorcycle trips planned during the fall months? Tell us about your trip in the comments.

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